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продава военна палатка,Bandanas are my absolute favorite thing right now! I really got into them this summer and they just add such a cute look to any outfit. I only have one currently, but I’ve been searching for more to add more patterns to my closet. I don’t wear my hair up too much, so putting a bandana on instead puts my look together. They’ve been super popular lately and I just had to get on the craze with them. Now, I can’t stop wearing them and I swear they’re in almost all of my new Instagram photos!I’ve always wondered if my knack for painting came from my grandma, who has a house filled with paintings she created. Some are as big as the wall, others smaller than your hand. She absolutely had a knack for it. Now, I won’t compare, but I will agree I get a comforting experience whenever I get to bring out the brushes. Lately, I’ve upgraded my panting game. I add small painted details to anything and everything to give it a creative pop. I’m talking about doors, plates, journals, candles, empty frames, rocks and jars, lighters… you get the idea. Maybe it’s being inside, but the creative juices seem to be flowing and I think it’s a great outlet that anybody can enjoy. You don’t have to be a Picasso, you just need an open mind and some good paint. The rest is simple… have fun!

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